“Memories are but a laugh away”



If I smile today

When I’m alone

It could be that I recall the scenes

Of visitors always leaving our home

With bagfuls of dahlias and runner beans


If I sing today

It could be that I’m remembering a line

Of  “Little Brown Jug” on the banjo

Or  “You are my Sunshine”.


If I laugh today

It might be that I’m thinking

That although you could hardly walk anymore

You couldn’t resist a tap dance

On Jim’s new wooden floor.


If I cry today

Don’t feel embarrassed

I’m just feeling very sad

Because I’m missing my stubborn

Loving and wonderful Dad.


Memories are but a laugh away

We won’t forget you ever fear.

And as we now come to the end of the day

“Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire”


Barbara  X