Philip Monk

Welcome to my website

Here you can find links to:

1) The Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra website for the the Eric Pinkett era (1948-76) LSSO

John Whitmore and I co-ordinate all the memorabilia, videos, and information, as well as the mailing list and contact details for all ex-players

2) My charity website. ugive2uganda

I have my own registered charity called ugive2uganda. I raise funds in the UK for children in need and work in and around the town of Mbale in Eastern Uganda. I live in Uganda and have also developed the first sitting-down, reading-music brass band in Uganda. See the website for all the details.

If you've ever thought about sponsoring a child in Africa, now's your chance!

3) My ongoing collection of memoirs.

To contact me, e-mail me at Philip