Books and Memoirs

These are:

A Spinney To Play In.

These reminiscences describe my early upbringing as a child in Leicestershire. The booklet featured in the Leicester Museum Millennium exhibition.

It can either be read on-line, or downloaded. I'm still in the process of adding some photographs.

Youth Makes Music.

My description of my adolescence growing up with the Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra.

It can either be read on-line (but there are no pictures yet), or downloaded (with all the pictures).

The Green Belt.

My travels across Asia during the mid-seventies and my time in a Chinese King-fu temple in the far east. It's best downloaded There are no pictures yet.

Out of Bounds in Bounds Green.

Early days in London with 'the lads'.

It can either be read on-line or downloaded


Tribute to my Dad

My Dad died early in 2003. Here's my sister's poem Barbara's poem ; and my own tribute My Essay